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Intevation GmbH is an independent IT - professional services company completely based on Free Software.

Are you looking for an IT-solution? Let us help you!
Our team is experienced in building efficient and stable solutions with very competitive total cost of operations. The building blocks are Free Software components (sometimes called "Open Source Software"). We hand over all knowledge and source codes to our customers. At your choice we will continue to operate, support, introduce the solution and qualify your staff at all levels. In addition you can hire our expertise as consultants or project managers for all aspects of Free Software like development, tools, licences, community involvement and business models. All Intevation does is Free Software business and we have done it for more than 10 years now.

If you like to change your current IT-policies or software-development towards Free Software, we can assist your change management.

Intevation's three founders are studied Applied System Scientists and in this best tradition we can analyse and work on a broad range of IT-problems. Highlights in the past years have been network-security, email-servers, email-cryptography, groupware and webapplications, geographic information systems (GIS), GUI applicaton development, databases, software for social workers, software packaging and quality assurance.

Intevation is a responsible part of the community and contributes in a number of ways, e.g. Linux-Verband Germany, iuk Unternehmensnetzwerk Osnabrück, FOSSGIS,, Debian, KDE, FSFE.